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Unleash your Creativity! EXPRESSIVE HEARTS  ART THERAPY 'Open hearts and minds to reinspire, renergise and remember who we are!'  

About Veronika

Veronika is a compassionate, skilled practitioner who is passionate about the power of creativity.

Through her own personal experiences and through facilitating the process with others she has seen how lives can be enhanced and transformed for the better. Veronika is particularly experienced working with people that are marginalized in our communities, providing opportunities where creativity is a vehicle for empowerment and change.

Veronika's approach to therapy is client focused, incorporating a range of therapies including expressive - visual art, music, drama and sandplay and narrative - counselling and pyschotherapy, to suit your individual needs. She has extensive experience working with children as well as adolescents and adults. Both in Australia and overseas.

Expressive HEARTS invites you to unleash your Creativity!

Veronika is offering  one on one & group workshops catering to your individual and organisational needs.


  • $150 per session 90 minutes Face to Face Session
  • $90 per 90 minutes ZOOM MEETING or Skype Sessions
  • $60 per 60 minute ZOOM MEETing or Skype Session.

Expressive HEARTS - Empowering through Creativity

Australia & Internationally

Reviews on Veronika

"Oh Veronika. I'm not sure how to even begin to thank you for all you have done. Thank you for loving, caring and investing in my son. Thank you for forging ahead to know and understand all the parts of him, even the difficult one. Thank you for peeling back the layers and having patience and kindness when it is sometimes hard to find. Thank you for gently guiding and encouraging him. Thank you for helping him to love learning, and for nurturing his curiosities and interests." Zoey (Kerry Street Community School, WA)

"I consider this year of my sons life and mine to be a gift because of Ms Mihalj´s inspirational spirit. She has touched the lives of many children in her class from a variety of backgrounds." Donna Blackburn ( Bavarian International School, Germany

"I would like to thank you for your kindness and patience with me, for all the happy songs and dancing together, as well as for the painting mornings. I will miss being with you!" Josephine and family ( Preschool student at International Preschool Munich, Germany)

"I am so lucky to have done Art Therapy with you. You have taught me a lot. You have showed me how to truly believe in myself, the most important lesson above all lessons. Without you I would probably still be searching for ´cooler´ friends." Rachel.( 9 years old,
Bungee Program ACT)

"Many many thanks for all you have done for Rachel. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Rach has timely blossomed under your gentle guidance." Jenny McGee ( Rachel´s mum)

"Such a beautiful visionary artist. Always so loving and never afraid of your own truth and depths within." Neda, Sydney, NSW

"If every child in the world could work with you the world will be a better place!" Louise, NSW.

"So enthusiastic, interested and inventive Art Therapist. Also, such an amazing intuitive artist. So competent to share with others." Basia, NSW

"Vision boarding with Veronika Mihalj. A beautiful afternoon. Thanks Veronika for guiding me and providing a peaceful space and materials to create aspirations for a whole and meaningful life. It filled up my spirit!!" Melissa Mountain (Munich, Germany)

"In terms of how Art Therapy affected me, I would say it was beneficial, it didn't change how I saw where I was going as such but it helped me understand I wasn't doing anything wrong. Everything happens in due time so it made me more confident in doing things or pushing things back to a time I thought was more reasonable. It also helped me understand I just needed a break from everything and tone kinder to myself." James (19 year old, Fremantle WA)

"I was really pleased with the way the online Art Therapy workshop went today. I think the students got plenty out of it. Good job Veronika and thanks for your work behind the scenes Kaine." Ben Piggott (Art Therapy Workshop for Physical Science students at Notre Dame University, Fremantle, WA in association with Freo Mind Inc)

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Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy
Bachelor of Education- Primary School Teaching
Bachelor of Applied Science- Cultural Heritage Management

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